Choosing The Right Electric Shavers For Men

With Literally hundereds of different models on the market, finding the best men’s electric shaver to suit your individual needs and budget can be a difficult task. The price range can go from around $20 for the simple budget shavers, all the way up to $100 or more for the most sophisticated models. As with most other products, you generally get what you pay for with electric shavers and therfore you need to ideally strike a balance between a cheap shaver that isn’t likely to last very long, and one that is too expensive with features that you will never use. If you want to buy good electric shavers in india, Then this article will really help you.

So how much should you spend to spend if you want to buy an electric shaver?

This really depends on what kind of shaver will best meet your needs. But in general, pivoting head shavers with multiple spinning heads are best suited to men who like to keep a close shave without any facial hair. Foil shavers on the other hand, are particularly good at tackling rough areas of the face, and usually outperform the spinning head types if you have rapid beard growth. If you like to keep a mustache or beard, then you need to find a shaver with suitable retracable tools so you can keep the clean areas of your face free of growth, while keeping the other parts properly groomed and trim. You should also be sure to choose a model with a sharp, quick cutting tool that doesn’t pull the hairs out during use.

The Next point to consider is ease of use. The easiest men’s electric shavers to use are the rechargable cordless types that fit comfortably in your hand with a nice grip. When choosing a cordless shaver you need to look for one that can charge up quickly and last as long as possible on each charge.

Cleaning an elecric shaver is something that most men don’t want to wase too much time doing and therefore some of the more advanced models feature an automatic self cleaning base system.These often conveniently double up as a charging unit at the same time and function by the use of vibration or sound as the cleaning machanism. Such shavers however tend to be a little more expensive than the manual brush cleaning types, but can be worth the extra investment if you like to save time.

Finally, you might want to think about how easy it will be to disassemble the shaver head to replace the blades, foils or cutters when they eventually become worn out. Here it can often be worthwihle going for a popular brand, as replacement parts can be readily available locally and this can save you the hastle of having to go online, place an order and then wait for it to arrive.

Buying guide to mens electric shaver

Electric shavers aren’t cheap. And once the rechargeable battery no longer holds a charge, replacing the entire shaver is often less expensive and easier than replacing the battery. Electric razors work more like scissors than standard razors.They are also more effective on men with with medium to coarse beard density and tougher skin. Apart from a high initial investment, an electric razor will last for many years if given proper care and will require new parts only once every 12 to 18 months.Some can even be taken into the shower – so you can kill two birds with one stone.But they are not for everyone. They’re also expensive to maintain. Expect to pay at least $60 for most models, and $150 or more for some.With your traditional razor, the blade cuts through each hair as it scrapes past. Unless you’re using one of the new breed of wet and dry shavers – which can be used with or without water – you’ll get much better results from an electric shaver if your stubble is bone dry and stiff. A rotary shaver, on the other hand, has three or four round heads which move easily in a circular motion around your features. As well as dry use, some cordless electric shavers can be used with gel or shaving foam. The close shave came at the cost of comfort. You’ll need to replace the head every six months to two years, at about $25 to $45 each. In an electric razor, the blades cut hair when they shear against a metal grating where the hair passes through but skin doesn’t. Rotary shavers use two or three rotating heads to lift and cut the hair. To make sure it’s free of dirt and sebum (the skin’s natural oil) use an alcohol-based pre-electric shave product.

Compared to traditional wet shaving, particularly in the case of using multi-blade cartridges, electric shaving is more cost effective. No other brand can beat Philips in this technology. Foil shavers use oscillating blades beneath a perforated foil to cut the hair. Most are formulated with ingredients like vitamin E, ensuring that your skin is protected and irritation is kept to a minimum.This acts like a lightning fast pair of scissors as it shaves all the hair that passes through the metal grating.Cutters spin below the heads as they move over the face, cutting the hair. The theory is that this gives you the best of both worlds – wet and dry shaving.Because they get right up to the skin, those of you with sensitive skin may find that you are left with a nasty case of razor burn after each shave.Once the hair is caught in these blades, they are cut and shaved, which makes them great for both long or short hair strands. The Panasonics Arc series of shavers are perhaps the most aggressive electric shavers on the market. Rotary shavers generally suit gentlemen with slightly longer stubble who don’t want to shave every day. Rotary shavers usually come with two to three rotating blades that conform to the contours of your face. Philips is the master when it comes to Rotary shavers. Each of these blades again has small holes which catch the hairs. Each type is said to train hair to grow in a particular direction, so if you’re switching from foil to rotary or vice versa, give your face at least a month to adjust – similarly when switching from a manual razor to an electric shaver. Rotary shavers are designed to excel at shaving curved areas around the face.

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