Choosing the right hedge trimmer for your garden

Finding the right Garden hedge trimmer is all about correctly identifying your requirements. There’s not much point in buying an electric hedge cutter if your hedge is located a long way from the nearest electric point. Likewise if your hedge is particularly tall then a telescopic hedge trimmer is quite often a better choice than using a hedge cutter whilst perched on a ladder. In this article we will discuss how you can choose the best hedge trimmers in UK.

Types of hedge trimmers

There are different types of hedge trimmers available on the market and they are suitable for different types of hedges. These trimmers also varies in size, price and features. Here are some popular type of hedges.

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Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Cordless hedge trimmers are ideal for larger gardens or getting into difficult to reach places. Cordless hedge trimmers can be either battery powered or petrol driven and include telescopic hedge cutters. Below are some of the top cordless hedge trimmers of 2018.
Bosch AHS 41 Accu – Cordless Hedgecutter
A powerful 14.4V rechargeable battery powers the Bosch AHS 41 cordless hedge cutter. The blade length is 41cm with a 15mm tooth spacing. This Bosch hedge cutter is light and easy to use and vibration free. Ideal for smaller jobs the blades are diamond ground for a clean cut.

Trueshopping Electric Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
Uses the same battery as the Trueshopping cordless strimmer (ET2505) so is ideal if you already have this strimmer or need both as you only require one battery charger. Has an 18v powerful motorwith double action blades. Cuts up to 51cm with the blades so is longer than most other garden hedge trimmers.

GTech HT02 Cordless Rechargeable Telescopic Hedge Trimmer
Has 30% more power than the lower priced HT01 model. Easily cuts stems up to 12mm thick with a blade length of 24cm. Comes with a 12v rechargeable battery and charging unit giving up to 40 minutes cutting time. Ideal for hard to reach places and no cords to trip over.

Flymo Sabre Cut
This mains free long reach hedge trimmer has an extendable shaft. The extra powerful 24v rechargeable battery gives mains performance without the wires. The Flymo Sabre Cut hedge trimmer can cut up to 330m2 on a single charge. The tilting head is ideal for cutting the tops of hedges.

McCulloch Gladiator 550 Petrol Hedge Trimmer
Ideal for smaller hedges the McCulloch 550 cuts branches up to 18mm in diameter. Has long blades at 55cm the McCulloch hedge trimmer is lightweight and compact. The engine is easy to start and is spring mounted to reduce vibration. Comes with self sharpening blades. Ideal for countryside hedges when going for a recharge after half an hour is not an option.

The Best Hedge Trimmers in UK 2018

Black & Decker NPT 318 18-Volt Cordless Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

Everyone likes to take pride in the appearance of their shrubs and hedges. If you have some of these plants in your yard, you know it can be quite difficult to keep them groomed and looking their best. This is no longer a problem, though, as Black & Decker has just recently released an 18-colt cordless electric pole hedge trimmer that makes grooming your hedges and shrubs easy!

This super lightweight hedge trimmer is incredibly easy to use. It has an extra long-life battery that will last up to 50 minutes, it‘s easy to maneuver, and the 18-inch pre hardened, machined steel blade cuts through even the thickest branches like a warm knife through butter.

Not only does the Black & Decker cordless hedge trimmer make landscape maintenance a lot easier, it can save you money too! Instead of having to call your landscapers every time your hedges need to be trimmed or you want your shrubs shaped, you can do it yourself in just minutes!

Black & Decker NPT318 18-Volt Cordless Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Features

Each battery charge lasts 50 minutes: your job will be done before your battery dies. Also, no cords!

  • Super smooth, vibration resistant 18-inch cutting blade made from pre hardened, machined steel: even the toughest branches don’t stand a chance!
  • Extra long handle allows you to easily trim hedges and shrubs up to 10 feet tall without straining your back: anyone of any age can use this product!
  • Weighs in at just over 8 pounds total: it doesn’t matter how strong you are – this is an easy hedge trimmer to operate!

The Reviews

As you can imagine, the reviews for this product have been overwhelmingly positive. Almost everyone who purchased this product made note of how easy it was to use and how effective it was in trimming their hedges and shrubs. Many also noted how easy Amazon was to deal with, but if you have every purchased anything from them before, this should come as no surprise to you.

Some reviewers made note that they had issues with the durability of the motor unit in their hedge trimmer right from the factory. When it arrived, it worked for a little while, but then the motor stopped functioning. If you notice the dates on these reviews, though, you will see that they are not that recent, and Black & Decker has acknowledged and fixed this issue, so there really is nothing for you to worry about. The only other complaint that some reviewers have is that the unit is a little difficult to control when the pole it 100% extended, but that is not a specific issue with this unit – that is an issue with almost every long handled hedge trimmer on the market.

If you have hedges or shrubs in your yard that need constant trimming to look their best, you really have no other option than to use the Black & Decker cordless electric pole hedge trimmer. It’s easy to use, it’s durable, and it will make your landscape duties that much easier!

Some popular hedge trimmers of 2018

Bosch AHS 63-16C Electric Hedge Trimmer

Featuring a powerful 420 watt motor and dual cutting action this Bosch hedge trimmer handles most hedge trimming jobs easily. The blade is 63cm long and has a dual cutting action. The attached cable extends to 12 metres.

GTECH Power Blade Pro 18v Cordless Telescopic Multi-Tool-GTCHT04

The GTECH Power Blade Pro is a cordless telescopic hedge trimmer that comes with an 18v rechargeable battery. The detachable telescopic handle makes it easy to reach taller hedges. The battery operates on average for up to 45 minutes. This hedge trimmer has a wide range of additional accessories available to purchase to increase its usefulness. The powerful blades easily cut stems up to 15mm thick. The included telescopic handle gives an overall reach of 5ft 3in.

Black & Decker GT501 Hedge Trimmer 500w

The Black & Decker GT501 is an electric hedge trimmer and has a powerful 500W motor and 51cm blade suitable for medium hedges. The unit comes in a lightweight design and has a two handed start switch to prevent accidental starting. The unit is fitted with a front guard for extra safety and has a long reach handle coupled with asymmetric blades to reduce vibration.

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