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When you are away from home and you come back to home dying to eat some thing freshly cooked, you will have to wait for a long time before the food is cooked and is ready to be served. But if you want to get the food immediately, you will need a Crock Pot slow cooker. You would definitely say how that could be possible to cook food so quickly in a slow cooker? the thing that you need to know is that you can use these cookers to cook the food for you while you are away and then come back home and the food is fresh like cooked at just a minute ago and is ready to eat. If you are looking for top slow cookers in UK then surely this guide will help you.

This is due to the amazing features which the Crock Pot slow cooker gives you. You can program the cooker according to your available time and even when the food has been cooked the cooker will keep it warm for you. This means that you will not feel like eating something which was cooked an hour ago.

With the Crock Pot slow cooker, you can just keep doing your work and the cooker will take care of the meal. You will have to do only two things. Put in all the ingredients and then set the timer. After this is done, you can go on with your work and not to worry about the food. The cooker will keep cooking the food and will stop when the food is ready.

The most known brand of slow cookers is Crock Pot slow cooker. The people have started referring to the slow cookers as the Crock Pot. This is not the thing that you should get carried away. Always look for the brand. If the cooker is not Crock Pot slow cooker, then it might not have the right features, durability and the quality which you have heard about. Remember to select the Crock Pot slow cooker always as it is the only slow cooker in the market which will meet all your needs and will satisfy you.

With the Crock Pot slow cooker in your arsenal, you will not have to worry about any kind of food anymore. You will just have to know the ingredients and the Crock Pot slow cooker will do the rest for you. You will not even have to stir the food. This is automatically done by the Crock Pot slow cooker. This feature alone has attracted many customers. This will give you the time off while cooking and you will not have to keep coming back to the cooker. The Crock Pot slow cooker makes it really easy for you to cook the food even if you know nothing about cooking the food. You will only need to know the ingredients and the timing for which you will have to cook it.

The slow cookers are great at cooking the food because they cook the food slowly and they will cook it for more time. This means that the food will be better in taste. So make a wise choice and buy the Crock Pot slow cooker.


Zojirushi BB-CEC20 is the choice model for many users of Zojirushi bread maker because it is so easy to use, operate quietly and comes with just the right options. It makes wonderfully tasty bread every time, you’ll never want to buy a bread from the store ever again! There are so many breadmakers available in the market, Choosing the right breadmakers in UK is really a difficult task.

Features of the Zojirushi BB-CEC20:

The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Bread Machine makes more than just bread! It can be used to make meatloaf, cake, fruit jam like strawberry jam and even sourdough as starter for your other recipes. Together they make you more varieties of healthy breakfast and snacks, you can even safe money on hamburger and store bread.

Setting up a different baking cycle is simple with the built-in user-friendly LCD control panel. The 10 pre-programmed settings makes it even easier for beginner as well as busy individuals. A timer can be set to delay up to 13 hours, making it possible to prepare the ingredients the night before and have the bread just freshly baked in the morning. Similarly put in the ingredients in the morning before leaving for work and have it ready for the dinner. The automatic warmer function helps keep the bread warm after it is done baking.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Bread Machine comes with dual kneading blades or paddles which is very important to make sure thorough kneading of the dough. With the included measuring spoons and cups, one can be sure of accurate mix measurement than the separately purchase one and at the same time safe cost from having to purchase extra accessories. We believe that standard accessory of the BB-CEC20 always work best as intended.

The user manual also comes with a variety of baking ideas and recipes which serves as an invaluable guide for beginners as well as experience users. You even safe cost on recipe book.

Other nice features of Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Bread Machine:

  • Hi-rise compartment ensure plenty of room for rising.
  • Quiet Operation.
  • LCD control panel with user-friendly display.
  • Easy selectable settings for 3 crust shades.
  • 13-hour delay timer.
  • Dual-blade detachable kneading arm for easy cleaning.
  • Standard rectangular-shaped pan for beautiful 2-pound loaves.
  • Original measuring spoon and measuring cup included.
  • User manual with recipes included.

The only downside of the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 is that the kneading paddles might come off occasionally while removing the loaf from the baking pan. Not a big deal because this usually happen to most if not all bread maker. Just hold the loaf by the crust with one hand and with the other hand hold the paddle and twist it lightly to remove it.

Buying Guide to Slow Cookers and Breadmakers

Buy a slow cooker based on what you will cook with it – large batch or small. Whether your slow cooker has manual or digital controls, they should require a minimum of fussing or button-pushing to operate. If you like the idea of not having to wait for your meal when you come in from work, then a slow cooker is probably your best option. But if you’re looking for buying tips, check out this guide. Consider how much food you anticipate cooking for you and your family, the cupboard space required for storage and bench space for usage. Most slow cookers boast a large capacity, but the usable cooking space is around two thirds of its stated capacity, as you can’t fill the cooking bowl to the top. In addition, slow cookers with minimal crevices or cracks in the overall design of the body are easier to clean and prevent food or dirt from getting trapped.

While many like setting a slow cooker manually and monitoring to adjust temperature, others love a programmable slow cooker that they can set for a certain time and temperature, and not have to worry about monitoring cooking. Look for a slow cooker insert that is dishwasher-safe, which can ease mealtime cleanup. If you love fresh, lightly steamed veg, then plump for a steamer. Basic slow cookers have an on/off button and not much more. Round slow cookers tend to waste space. We check claimed and actual cooking capacity, and list these under specifications, so that you can find the right-sized slow cooker for you when buying. Stainless steel slow cookers may need more wiping down to maintain their finish. While a slow cooker tends to be an energy efficient cooking appliance when compared to an oven range, a model with a programmable function might save a little energy over a basic model.

If you are someone who is particular about how your loaf looks like, then I would suggest you go for horizontal bread makers. We’ve already talked a bit about size on the Bread Machine Pros homepage and generally speaking, size doesn’t influence the price of bread machines as compared to other kitchen appliances. Supermarket own-brand strong flour is fine for white loaves, but you may have to use expensive branded “very strong” flour to get a decent wholemeal loaf from some bread makers. There’s no point in getting a bread maker if it’s not going to actually bake bread well, and we have seen some big differences and mixed results between models. A breadmaker is also ideal for anyone with an allergy wanting to experiment with gluten-free recipes.

Making fresh bread doesn’t need to be difficult – supermarkets carry premix that you can pop straight into the breadmaker to knead and bake for you. Some functions are pre-programmed with a crust colour; “sweet”, for example, would be limited to a light-medium setting as the increased sugar content can produce a dark crust. The bread baked in these look like the conventional store bought ones. When it comes to pricing, the more programmable options and features there are in a bread machine, the more expenive it tends to be. Our reviews mention when very strong flour was needed. A Best Buy bread maker will bake white and wholemeal loaves that have evenly thick, golden crusts that look good enough to eat, and inside the bread will be light and airy and taste delicious. There’s a growing range of gluten-free flour options.




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