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commercial microwave ovens

Microwave ovens aren’t only used at home. They are also used in a lot of restaurants. In fact, most restaurants and other commercial establishments today use microwave ovens for one or more reasons, mostly to expedite service. A number of people often testify the benefits that their food business has received in using commercial microwave ovens.

Microwave ovens are necessary for both home and business. If you are a restaurant owner, your foremost goal is to serve quality food and give quality service. Quality food is of no question since it mainly depends on your chef and the ingredients that you use in ensuring the taste of food. Patrons would always prefer restaurants that serve tasty and delicious food. However, if the service could be deemed as lousy, patrons would soon decrease in number. If you are looking to buy a microwave oven then surely this article will help you in finding the best microwave ovens.

One great way to give a speedy service to your patrons is to use kitchen equipment and appliances that would truly expedite the different food processes that you do in the kitchen. Great appliances for the kitchen would include commercial microwave ovens that always come in handy.

While there are actually cynics who believe that using the microwave oven to cook food is disastrous and that it may reduce the quality of food. However, it must be noted that microwave ovens have so many other uses than simply cooking food. You could always use it for heating.

Some recipes would require an ingredient to be heated ahead of time before it could be used with other ingredients. Imagine what your kitchen would look like if you don’t have commercial microwave ovens around. These ingredients that need to be heated will be waiting for other foods that are being cooked until the stove or the range would be available. In effect, instead of being able to simultaneously do things, you would be delaying quite a lot of meals. To put it plainly, commercial microwave ovens are big factors in hastening kitchen processes as well as giving your kitchen staff the convenience in preparing the food.

Aside from heating, commercial microwave ovens can greatly help in defrosting foods that the chef might have forgotten. You need to expect these events to happen and it is better to be prepared than to wait for the time where everyone would be in panicky mode due to a slab of meat that has not been defrosted. But if you have a microwave oven, in just one touch, your meat would be defrosted easily.

Some good brands for commercial microwave ovens that you might want to consider are Buffalo, Amana, Sharp, Sanyo, Panasonic, and Samsung.

Under Cabinet Microwave Oven

When you are looking for a new microwave oven these days you will find that there are literally hundreds of models,made by many different companies,for you to choose from.

There are microwaves which fir into the hood above your range and hence do not take up your countertop space. there are nicrowaves which fit under a cabinet so that they also do not use up your valuable countertop space. Then most popular of all by far are the countertop microwaves which simply sit on your countertop.

Over range and undercountertop microwaves usually require an electrician to wire them in properly. they are very handy of course and this may be worth the extra cost to you. countertop microwaves as we all know can be set up anywhere ans simply plugged into an outlet for instant use.

Microwaves come with all kinds of features which you can choose from. The very simple models have no preprogrammed menus or one button cooking choices and may have relatively low power. These will take longer to cook your food or defrost something than a higher powered model of course but may suit your purpose with their low cost.

Higher powered models will have greater than 800 watts of power and will cook in about half the time of a 600 watt microwave. This includes most over range and under cabinet microwaves which are mostly higher end models.

If you intend to use the microwave a lot and for a variety of cooking purposes it will be to your advasntage to get a model which has many preprogrammed menus and one touch cooking options. These will make life easier for you. You just tell the machine what you want to cook and press the start button. Everything is then done automatically by the programmed menu and your food will get just the right cooking time.

So there you have it. Choose the model with the features you will use. Choose and under cabinet or over range model if you want to save counter space.

Panasonic Microwave Ovens

When you are looking at Panasonic Microwave Ovens , you have several things to consider. You can look at countertop, built-in, or an over the range Panasonic microwave ovens. You should also decide before you buy one if you want a standard or convection style Panasonic microwave oven.

If you decide you like countertop Panasonic microwave ovens then you have several options to choose from.

There are 20 different Panasonic microwave ovens to choose from, and more if you like convection countertop Panasonic microwave ovens. The turn table in most Panasonic microwave ovens can be turned off if you don’t want it rotating. You can also choose an auto defrost or the one-touch cooking options.

Of the 20 standard models there are:

four 1.6 cubic foot models, and they start at $139.95.

seven 2.2 cubic foot models, which start at $169.95.

six 1.2 cubic foot models, and they start at $129.95.

one .8 cubic foot, which costs $129.95 and comes in Stainless steel

The .8 cubic foot Panasonic microwave ovens are great if you need something really small for an efficiency or possibly a dorm room. Of all the 20 models, you can choose from stainless steel, black, or white. Some Panasonic microwave ovens have features you have to choose from are: one-touch sensor reheat, popcorn button, quick minute option, multi-lingual menu, and keep warm or simmer option, which operates at a lower heating level.

The over the range Panasonic microwave ovens also comes in white, black, or stainless steel, and they can also be either standard or convection oven heating. The over the range Panasonic microwave ovens also come with an easy to clean design, high, low, and turbo speed ventilation options, an installation kit including a mounting bracket.

The Panasonic microwave oven models you have to choose from are:

a 2.1 cubic foot model starting at $419.95

a 2.2 cubic foot model starting at $419.95

one of two 2.0 cubic foot models, which start at $429.95

There are also nine commercial Panasonic microwave ovens available. They range from 1000 – 3000 watts. The commercial Panasonic microwave ovens include a sonic steamer and 60 programmable memory pad options, and they all come in stainless steel.

Panasonic microwave ovens also feature Inverter Technology. Inverter technology provides continuous power, which means there is a constant energy flow. The energy flow than varies in intensity based on the meal selection. It provides consistent and exact heat, which allows you to cook, defrost and reheat without worrying the edges of your food will get overcooked or hard. The continuous power also means a faster cooking time. Due to the fact the microwave isn’t starting at off each time, it takes less time to heat and less time to cook your food.

There are a wide variety of Panasonic microwave ovens to choose from. Panasonic offers a wide variety of options and features, as well as prices on their microwave ovens. When looking to buy a microwave oven, Panasonic microwave ovens are established as a reliable and energy-efficient brand.



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