Some information about fencing and post hole digger

There are many ways to dig post holes. You can do it by hand or with a tractor. The ore expensive post hole diggers are overkill for the basic gardener or DIY landscaper but for professionals the large mechanical powered diggers and augers are irreplaceable. There really is no “best post hole digger” because these tools come in so many different varieties. Instead of choosing just one digger to feature as the best in it’s class I’ve broken the product group down into segments and provided a short list of top products per segment.

As a consumer doing product research I believe this will be much more valuable than the latter. Feel free to scroll through this page but be forewarned it is very long. I recommend reviewing the categories listed immediately below and choosing the type of post hole digger or auger you are looking for.

Also, if you are new to digging post holes I’ve added information give you a good primer on using a hand held post hole digger and why you would use them versus digging and whatnot. Consider it a section of this page devoted to the novice landscaper or gardener.

Choose A Category Below To Narrow Your Search

Feel free to scroll all the way through this page but be forewarned – you may be overwhelmed. There are a lot of different types of diggers you can buy and it’s not possible to say just one is the best. Instead each category (and sub-category) has it’s own best in class options which I’ve identified below. Please choose a category link below to narrow down to the right post hole digger for your needs.

Hand Held Post Hole Diggers
I realize there are a wide array of hand held post hole diggers. Please keep in mind that manual diggers will be much less expensive than powered diggers but they will require a lot more muscle and time to get your holes in place. If you need a good tool on hand for the occasional hole then one of these will do just fine. For a bigger or more frequent job you may need something powered to save your back.

Manual Post Hole Diggers
Manual post hole diggers are the simplest tools in the product category. They require manual labor but make the work much easier than if only using a shovel. The biggest perk about manual hole diggers is that that they are the cheapest tool designed for specifically for digging holes. You can check out some of the best manual post hole diggers in 2018 here. A good manual post hole digger doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. When you have to dig a lot of holes for a fence or some other outdoor project a post hole.

Powered One Man Post Hole Diggers
The first step up from a manual hand-held digger is a hand-held powered auger. These have motors making them string but they are small enough for a single person to manage. If you need more power then a two man digger or tractor attachment may be necessary. When you need an earth auger to get a job done quickly it may be tempting to go rent one from your local heavy equipment rental store. What you may not realize

Powered 2 Man Post Hole Diggers
Powered post hole diggers that run on electricity or gas can be heavy. These units are great and are designed for two people controlling them. They take some muscle but far less that a manual hand held digger. A good post hole digger can make the back-breaking work of digging hole after hole for fence work much faster.

Post Hole Diggers For Tractors
There are many different tractor augers and post hole diggers. To find the right one you need to look in the right product grouping. Some post hole digger tractor attachments are designed for use with very specific tractors. hese mechanical augers range in price by quite a bit. If you want something inexpensive then make sure to buy an electric or gas powered handheld post hole digger otherwise the tractor and tractor attachment options will be much more expensive.

How To Use A Manual Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger Vs Shovel
The post hole digger is going to be much faster than using a shovel. You’ll save your back and shoulders from wear and tear over the course of a long job.

Post Hole Digger Vs Auger
A post hole digger is a bit different from an auger. It is basically a tool that actually digs the hole in the ground. The auger is the bit that is used on a mechanical digger.

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