Good PR is not what you think; rather it is what you do. PR experts can take a problem, wield the story behind it, and throw it out into the world in the form of just one small piece of information so powerful, it often can change the opinions and outcomes of any problem as if it were never there. It is a skill, that when developed, leads to a keen sense into the psyche and control of an individual or group. It could mean the difference between jail and freedom for some, wealth and fame, or just plain old simple piece of mind.

Oh wait, I bet you are thinking that I am talking about the PR that means Public Relations…no, far from it my friend. I am talking about the PR that means Personal Responsibility. Yes, you read this correctly. Those words send chills up most people’s spines, as it requires a healthy dose of truth, staring right back at you in the mirror. Personal responsibility is the answer to your problem, to the world’s problems. So, here are five reasons why good PR can change the world.

1. Compels Truth.Before any problem can be addressed, we have to admit there is one and many times, we turn our heads and refuse to look at it…because it’s dirty and raw, so we ignore it whenever we can. The sad thing is, the problem doesn’t go away, and neither does the truth. It just gets bigger until it blows up in our faces.

2. “I” comes before “U.”Good PR requires that I take the first step in acknowledging that I am the part of the problem and the solution at the same time. Looking at ourselves first, assessing our role in it all and then doing something about it changes the long-term outcome. This requires humility, an attribute that is quickly dying in the world. Please fight the urge to disagree with this statement…believe me; you will live a better life.

3. E-J Complex.Empathy vs Judgment, both powerful but one is more effective than the other when addressing PR. Empathy means that we are able to see and feel what our neighbor is going through, the full story. We see it through their perspectives and we show compassion through our actions and words. Judgment is not always based in justice; we get those two words mixed up all the time. Justice is the outcome of how we wield the judgment, which interestingly so, is determined by our capacity to empathize.

4. Plants Seeds.PR plants the seeds for our future. We model to our youth what we feel is important, and you better betcha they follow our lead. Society has shown these phenomena throughout history. What is that old saying, “No matter how things change, they still stay the same?” Exactly! Planting seeds is all about continuing on the species of a plant. Humans plant seeds all the time, and it determines how our species will behave in the future. Be a good farmer; nurture the land in which you are a steward. That may be in the form of two small eyes and a smile looking up at you every morning, saying, “Good morning Daddy, can I have a glass of milk?”

5. Walk Expeditiously to the Exit.The fact is, we have very little time on this earth to make a difference. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so walk expeditiously to your goal. If you want a life that is rich with meaning, then get up off the couch and make it happen. If you want a community that is thriving, then spend your money investing in it instead of grumbling about it. If you want your schools to look and function well, then run for the school board, volunteer to coach, or head up a field trip. Your mentorship and involvement is needed, volunteers are being accepted every day. Get up and walk expeditiously to the exit…it can save your life.

How do you want to exit this life? What will be your legacy? Good PR is determined by how quick you answer a call to action. Personal responsibility is the most powerful PR strategy there is. The true measure of a person is how they responded when their name was called. What’s your response?

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